Cemetery Management System

MEMORITER has been developed with the cooperation of cemetery managers, in order to provide a logical, easy-to-use software system.

This program is a custom-made computer software application specially designed for owners and managers of cemeteries and links all of the cemetery datas to actual computerized maps of the cemetery. 

Currently our MEMORITER software programs are managing more than 38 cemeteries throughout Hungary, fulfilling the state regulation and providing public information in the field of cemetery management and registry.

The Memoriter software is integrating:
– data of all the deceased buried in the cemetery
– cemetery map overview with parcels
– aerial photo of the cemetery (ortophoto)
– single photos about all of resting palaces in a cemetry 

System advantage is:
– easy-to-use, logical, tailored
– free for the user
– rapid and widespread availability
– mark off new graves through Internet
– predictable grave redemption
– recording and editing of new data through password protected user interface

The system can be expanded in the cemetery placed information points (KIOSK terminal). Memoriter KIOSK uses touch-screen technology to guide the visitors through cemetery, and help to search a burial by name or location on a map of the cemetery. 

If you have special needs we can collect your requirement and provide you with a custom-made GIS. These service can of course be combined with our web developement skills.