FlexiTon’s mission is to significantly enhance the network management efficiency of telecom operators and give a quick and measurable ROI (Return on Investment) by offering a turnkey modular solution to enable the management of every asset on any telecoms network through a powerful graphical interface.


Understanding of your problems, requirements and priorities is essential in order to provide a fine-tuned solution that will exactly meet your expectations. Our philosophy is that each of our customer has its own culture and way of working. Our opportunity is to learn about your processes and requirements, review the connections to other departments and answer questions about the flow. The evaluation of these special features is key for customer satisfaction and the extensive evaluation of the used mechanisms is key before introducing a new solution.

Our goal is to acquire an excellent knowledge of your working methodology to determine the most appropriate final solution, service schedule and project realization for you.

We do not like to make assumptions about your organization, we focus on the details of your requirements, how it solves your problems and how you want the new solution to fit into your work routines. Our approach is systemic, collaborative, and action-oriented.

We understand and speak your language! 

FlexiTon’s experienced consultants are ready to assist you to solve your problems. We understand both telecommunications and IT and have long-time experience with large-scale projects. Do not hesitate to contact us with your issues!

Data Migration

Data is the most valuable part of an information system, that is why the most important success criteria of both the implementation and the usage of an IT application is the quality of the migrated data (completeness, consistency, accuracy, etc.)

At the implementation of an IT system there is a one-time demand on a huge data migration, when the new system have to be loaded with the existing network data.

Usually, the source information of data migration is available in several places, in various formats, so one of the most important task of data migration is to collect, structure, validate the input data and eliminate inconsistency of those.

This process needs to be completed in a relatively short time involving skilled extra human resources and special technical tools, but without disturbing the execution of daily work.

Realising the importance of data quality of the information systems FlexiTon has built up its own data migration technology, which has been improved continuously during the large-scale, successfully executed projects.

Today FlexiTon has all the know-how to execute successful data migration projects:

  • fixed and mobile telecommunications expertise
  • thorough knowledge of hardware/software components of information systems
  • human and technical resources according to project needs
  • customisable
    • Data Migration Project Plan
    • Data Migration Technology and Tool Set
    • Data Acceptance Procedure
  • Quality Assurance Manual based on EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Assurance System

Project Management

A number of factors can make high-volume telecom inventory system deployments extremely complex, costly and risky. Fortunately, you can count on FlexiTon services for custom, cost-optimised, end-to-end solutions. We can provide professional set-up and coordination services for system deployment.

Unique FlexiTon capabilities help you to enjoy a smooth, trouble-free system deployment

  • Define and review your project’s objectives, terms, deliverables milestones, and service levels
  • Streamline project planning by helping organize your teams, design overall deployment plans (including customisation, map integration, data-migration, start-up support, consultation, trainings, etc.), and assign individual task and roles
  • Coordinate all onsite set-up and execution activities, manages changes resolves issues as they emerge
  • Regular progress reports
  • Keep your project on schedule and on budget


Well-trained users are key success factors in the implementation of an IT solution therefore detailed and tailored trainings are recommended to our customers before go-live.

Standard training courses are as follows:

  •  user-, super user- and system administrator trainings
  •  Delta trainings when upgrades are issued

The significant hands-on content of the courses will give the trainees confidence in the use of the products.

Start-up Support

To ensure smooth system go live, FlexiTon offers start-up support at Customers’ locations.

The start-up support covers two main streams of activities

  • To help the users in their daily work in case they have problems in using the brand new system
  • Data catch-up, to help processing those data that have been modified after source data hand-over.

Usually 1 or 2 weeks start-up support has been sufficient to ensure an efficient daily operation with the new tool.