FlexiTon’s mission is to significantly enhance the network management efficiency of telecom operators and give a quick and measurable ROI (Return on Investment) by offering a turnkey modular solution to enable the management of every asset on any telecoms network through a powerful graphical interface.

To meet this challenge FlexiTon developed ARIADNE product family for managing complex telecom networks, enabled through years of experience delivering software solutions and data, for leading telecoms providers.

Telecom networks and the related technologies, hardware and software are on the whole complex to run, maintain and manage. Even when an operator already invested in a number of network management solutions they are usually vendor specific and lack tight (if any) integration. Many OSS and SI companies claim to offer a single network view and a complete management of all technologies, which in reality is rarely achieved. FlexiTon overcomes this by offering the necessary expertise and solutions to ensure that the unique properties of every network are catered for. The FlexiTon experts totally focus on the inventory and assets of any given network, and through detailed and thorough network analysis, data migration and integration, FlexiTon transfers the relevant data and logic into a solution called ARIADNE which does give a total, accurate and consistent view of the network.

A combination of FlexiTon’s team of experts and the use of a tried and tested software development philosophy enables the company to focus on every minute detail and by using the powerful algorithms in ARIADNE, find what data is relevant and accurate to enable the reduction of lengthy manual procedures. FlexiTon then takes this one step further by allowing all the data to be accessed through a simple to use GIS (Graphical Information Systems) based user interface allowing fast response times in pinpointing and fixing network problems.

FlexiTon Kft, a Hungarian joint venture, was established in 1990. The company, registered in Budapest, is owned by a group of private individuals.

Further products and services:

  • Smart City applications
  • Map- and document digitisation, 3D products
  • 3D Point Cloud Processing
  • E-Utility services
  • Telecom network planning
  • Water-info OSS for water supply companies
  • FlexMap – Municipality Map Services
  • AIR System – Tax management System for Municipalities
  • Memoriter – Cemetery Registry System
  • ASP services, After Sales Services

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