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Zain awards software deal to FlexiTon

Zain Group has contracted Hungarian vendor FlexiTon for a job to implement its Network Inventory & Path Planning solution for the Zain HQ and the local operations. The project covers wide range of services including data migration besides the customisation and delivery of the well-known ARIADNE software solution of FlexiTon.
The goal of this project is to build-up and maintain comprehensive network inventories that serve as the basis for effective and efficient network capacity management.

Zain, the Middle East and African mobile operator that operates 2G and 3G networks in 21 countries and serves more than 45 million customers over the MEA region. www.zain.com

FlexiTon is the solid and reliable partner of telecom network operators in building up their vendor-independent network management systems and in providing them high quality data services. www.flexiton.com