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Roll-out and Process Management


Any business can work and be successful without applying any kind of business process management solution and all the tasks can still be completed. You can use emails and spreadsheets or other easy tools which will definitely works, but will it be efficient enough? Not sure. Process management is extremly usefull for automating recurring tasks, modelling the worklfows of the business process and setting assignees and alerts. That way everyone will always know what they’re expected to do, information is clearly documented and centralized in just one place and you make less mistakes.

CellTracker is a flexible, multilingual solution that is totally configurable to your requirements to support your process management, meet your business processes and management of your data including text, drawings, pictures and maps.


Due to its extreme flexibility CellTracker can be configured for almost any kind of processes. Some examples where CellTracker currently used in

  • Network Rollout
  • Asset Management
  • Process Flow
  • Diesel monitoring
  • Fuel delivery tracking
  • Fleet management (servicing, annual checks)
  • Warehouse management


CellTracker can provide you:

  • Accurate and reliable information on all aspects of your project
  • Secure access for all members of your team, customers and contractors
  • An expanding range of configurable Solutions Modules covering all major part of your process management requirements
  • Flexibility to integrate your business processes and management control into the system, both now and in the future
  • The CellTracker Development Suite has been designed to configure the system to your precise needs
  • Fast and flexible Reporting, to keep you fully up to date with progress
  • Effective system integration into your existing and future IT architecture
  • As at the end of your project all the relevant data is in the CellTracker system, it can be easily re-configured to asset and site management tool and can be offered to your end-customer

Consultancy services

The implementation of the CellTracker system will be realised as a set of consultancy services.

This ensures that the system will exactly do what you want, not what we want.

The consultancy services includes

  • Process Analysis & Design
  • Installation of Solutions Modules and Software Options
  • Configuration of Data Dictionary
  • Configuration of Forms, Maps and Reports
  • Configuration of your Processes
  • Importing of existing data
  • Start-up support
  • System integration
  • Training for the System Administrators


Regarding with CellTracker support, please send your question to following e-mai address: