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ARIADNE brings many benefits to its users the most important being a rapid ROI by allowing an operator to effectively manage through a single interface every single physical and logical asset of their network. 

Customers that implement ARIADNE find that it soon becomes a standard across the company, this is because of the accuracy of the data and the ease and speed of access to critical network related information.

Some of the other benefits are as follows:

  • Large-scale data migration – All the information on the network and its associated assets are migrated into a single database.  A team of FlexiTon experts works with the relevant engineers and technicians to ensure that no stone is left unturned in finding what and where all the related network information is kept.
  • Highly consistent & accurate data - the core asset of a telecom company is its’ network. It should be known precisely what the assets are, what their status is and how they are connected. ARIADNE ensures that all the data on the network is analysed through a powerful set of algorithms to ensure inconsistent data is checked and discarded.
  • Strategic integrated solution for the entire company. Once ARIADNE has been installed and is being used by the network engineers, customer care, marketing and sales it automatically becomes a standard in the company as each department is getting access to the same information. An engineer can pin-point exactly where there is a fault on the network; a customer care person can ensure time isn’t wasted in sending engineers to the wrong locations; marketing know exactly what the network looks like, how it is configured and what plans can be made for future expansion; sales can ensure quick turn around on provisioning new services and know what capacity is available to their customers and lastly management know exactly the value of their network allowing for greater ease with financial and strategic decisions.
  • Totally managed environment with predictable SLA’s. ARIADNE ensures that a predictable SLA can be achieved as problems can be quickly identified and more easily fixed.
  • Implement standards, workflow & methodology for all network data. ARIADNE is not just a database creating a standard data type for the assets of a network but also has built in workflow and a methodology of use, which ensures a common standard for accessing network data, is used across the company.
  • Excellent graphical view of the network & associated assets. FlexiTon has a strong GIS (Geographical Information Systems) history and is a leader in the field of providing terrain models and digital maps to major telco’s, local government and large organisations across Europe. This experience has given FlexiTon a unique approach in developing a powerful and easy to use graphical interface to the network removing the problem of having to sift through millions of irrelevant bits of data to get to the data that is relevant.
  • Turnkey solution – database, graphical interface, workflow, integration. ARIADNE includes all the elements needed to offer a complete asset and inventory management system without the need to implement other third-party solutions.
  • Improved capacity management – ARIADNE provides a tool to use the existing network capacities to the maximum extent. As ARIADNE does not leave any part of the network unmanaged it is able to find redundant capacity that was otherwise of no value.
  • Remove dependency – over reliance on a small group of people creates serious problems when they are ill, unavailable or leave the company. When a system includes all the critical and relevant information this dependency is minimal.
  • Quick access to time critical data resulting in faster response times – When a problem occurs the maintenance staff knows exactly where it is and what elements are involved and which customers are affected.
  • Re-allocation of resources - the time & resources required for network planning, network records and network management activities are significantly reduced.