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FlexiTon Customer Support Team


FlexiTon offers a single point of access to experienced engineers who are dedicated to overcome any issue within predefined timescales.

The Customer Support Team’s (CST) objectives are

  • to offer high-quality technical support: the right solution in proper time
  • to provide maximum safety to our customers
  • to establish a common language and format to provide more effective communication between the user and the support team
  • to standardise requirement and support methodology between the user and the support which achieves an effective performance interface


CellTracker Centre of Excellence (CCE)

The CCE, based in Budapest, Hungary has been providing customisation, system integration, data migration and other project services for CellTracker projects since 2014. From 1st October 2018 CCE take over CellTracker Support, License Upgrades and Implementation of Change Requests.

All new CellTracker projects will be managed by the CCE together with the support of the existing CellTracker customers.

Regarding with CellTracker support, please send your question to following e-mai address: