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FlexiTon and ctNova partnership


FlexiTon and ctNova (www.ctnova.com) established a partnership to jointly market and promote each other’s products.

In 2014, ctNova and FlexiTon celebrated eight years of partnership and collaboration.

On the 30th of October 2014 FlexiTon and ctNova announced the creation of a new worldwide CellTracker Centre of Excellence (CCE), based inBudapest,Hungary. 


All new CellTracker projects will be managed by the CCE. ctNova will continue to provide technical expertise.

Network roll-out programs are becoming increasingly demanding.
Timescales are getting shorter.
Projects are getting bigger.
Competition is increasing.
You need much tighter control over costs.

To meet these demands, you need complete confidence in a system that provides you with

  • accurate and reliable information on all aspects of your project;
  • secure access for all members of your team, customers and contractors;
  • an expanding range of configurable Solution Modules covering all phases of network roll-out;
  • flexibility to integrate your own business processes and management control into the system, now and in the future;
  • the CellTracker Development Suite to configure your system to your precise requirements;
  • fast and flexible reporting, to keep you fully up to date with progress;
  • effective system integration with your existing and future IT architecture;


CellTracker and ARIADNE form the perfect team for Network Roll-out and Network Inventory, Capacity Management, Transmission Path Planning. Both companies bring a wealth of experience to the partnership. The two product lines are complementary and will enable us both to offer a complete solution to our customers. Individually both products are best-of-breed. Together they are a natural choice for getting a network built quickly and operated efficiently.