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Scanning and archiving of maps and other documents

The digitisation usually starts with scanning the original documents (maps, photos or drwaings). They may be in form of  paper, film, transparency or micro film.

For scanning we use high quality Contex Wide Format color and microfilm scanners.

Few key elements of scanning:

Maximum sizes:

  • Scan width: 914 mm
  • Media maximum width: 1092 mm
  • Media maximum length: no limits
  • Media maximum thickness: 15 mm
  • Resulation:  50 - 2400 dpi with steps of one dpi

Scanning modes:

  • Black and White  (monochrome)
  • Grayscale - range of  256 gray tones
  • Indexed  colors - 256 colors for maps and  technical drawings
  • RGB - 16.7 million colors for photos
  • Micro film scanning (Several possibilities for fine adjustment within all modes)

To improve the scanning quality several adjustments are available during scanning or afterwards, e.g.: automatic cleaning, colour manipulation (contrast, brightness, filtering), align, rotating  and cutting. The files can be saved into more than 50 raster formats and delivered on any media.

If you need further information please do not hesitate to contact us: sales@flexiton.hu